Assure Defi Proud To Be Invited To Speak At The 2022 Ncijtf Virtual Currency Symposium

(Florida, 22 September 2022) Assure DeFi was proud to attend the annual NCIJTF symposium, hosting an interactive session for global law enforcement representatives on Accountability in a Sea of Anonymity – presenting a holistic and modern approach to Blockchain security.

The multi-agency global event, hosted by the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force (NCIJTF), was attended by partnering agencies from across the spectrum of law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the Department of Defense, alongside representatives from leaders in the world of DeFi and cryptocurrency.

Assure DeFi was the only KYC verification provider invited to attend the event based on the company’s pioneering efforts in crime reduction through deep identity verification and providing active support to victims of cybercrime through fraud, as well as their support of FBI cases.

Zac Lamb, Assure DeFi VP Global Partnerships connected with the audience on the topic of balancing Blockchain’s exceptional potential and desire for anonymity, with the need for better investor safeguards from fraud.   

Discussing the practicalities of data security and the protection of anonymity for founders and project teams, while providing a full and legitimate path to recourse against bad actors; Lamb also took the opportunity to call on the attendees to encourage adoption of KYC verification by legitimate projects and support of public education on how to protect against fraud or scams without engaging in dangerous public ‘doxxing’ (identity reveal).

Talking from the event in Jacksonville, FL, Lamb comments “I want to thank all the attendees for showing such interest in this potential near term solution of Blockchain fraud reduction.  Accepting and working with anonymity while making Web3 a safer place to do business, can be challenging.  It’s clear that Law Enforcement agencies across the states – and the globe – are committed to use KYC data safely and appropriately, in order to protect the public.”

Event organizers at NCIJTF commented that they were glad to invite Assure DeFi to connect with their agents and representatives. Further, the event has been focused on learning and discovery and so the content Assure DeFi provided will create a framework for future discussion.

Assure DeFi, the pioneer of KYC in Decentralised Finance released their unique ADIIR (Investigative Intelligence Report) service in 2022 that, as per the IRS-CI quoted in the presentation, ‘… does all the heavy lifting, making our job easy. By the time it hits our desk, it’s a no-brainer to open a case.”  The ADIIR service and case files provided to Law Enforcement have positioned the company as a leader in data safety and investment security across the Web3 and Blockchain community.

Through the coordination, collaboration, and sharing that occurs at the NCIJTF, members across the U.S. Government work toward placing cyber criminals behind bars and removing them from the nation’s networks. The NCIJTF follows both the letter and the spirit of the law to ensure that the privacy rights of all Americans are protected throughout the course of the investigations and efforts that it coordinates and supports.