3 Reasons Why Assure DeFi Being a US LLC Will Help YOU Out…

Or, in other words… who’s KYC’ing the KYC’er
KYC (Know Your Customer) processes are a must for any crypto project offering investment opportunities. In the context of crypto investment, KYC can be a more complicated compliance challenge than the TradFi process; and the first step of a due diligence process you can depend on is a legitimate KYC provider.  At Assure DeFi we’re continually working to increase the value of our Gold Standard KYC – and part of that means being a registered US LLC. The owner of the business has provided identity information & social security # which is kept in official records, meaning there is a real person behind Assure DeFi LLC as a KYC provider.


Why that’s good for founders AND investors

CONFIDENCE: We are the only company focused on KYC verification for crypto projects owners that is registered as a United States LLC. That unique benefit – through our Gold Standard Mark, gives both sides confidence.  Put simply – Assure DeFi are here to build a bridge of confidence between Crypto founders and their potential investors.

VISIBILITY: Anonymous founders and treasurers choose to stay that way for safety; yet legitimacy is key to attract the life blood of investment to deliver their vision.  On the flip side, investors recognize the Assure DeFi service as the most dependable in the marketplace.   The Gold Standard verification mark acts as a marketing tool for projects as potential investors feel immediately reassured that a complete and clear KYC procedure is in place.

RECOURSE: KYC is not a protection against scammers, it tells us Who You Are not What You Could Do. Just like in TradFi; DeFi KYC assists a considered decision-making process.  However, if the worst should happen then, we provide a path to recourse… which results in real-world consequences. The Assure DeFi KYC Verification process also provides a path for potential fund recovery which wouldn’t otherwise exist, adding further value to investors. 

Your data is secure with us

Assure DeFi being an LLC also means that if we don’t do our job right, we’re open to legal recourse too.  Read that again. We’re so confident in the job we do for our clients we’ve voluntarily put ourselves in that position.  If we do anything malicious, lose or sell your data, act in any way irresponsibly then we own the consequences of those actions in a court of law.  This is should be a major consideration for project owners when choosing who to do business with.  Most other competitive KYC services are not offered by registered companies, leaving little to no accountability for irresponsible handling of data and/or breaches.

Chapo says: “The key words for 2022 are Invest with Confidence: The DeFi world we’ve all built needs to grow outwards and that needs the empowerment that credibility and trust brings with it.  We all know that mitigation of unnecessary risks is key to growing DeFi’s success.  There is simply no legitimate need for your KYC provider to be untraceable in 2022. We ALL must be held accountable.”