Verified Contacts From The Assure Network


The Verification Gold Standard further benefits project owners through the NEW Assure Network   Assure DeFi have again strengthened their offering by launching The Assure Network for the benefit of clients and partners in providing further support to projects over and above the Gold Standard verification process.   Offered as an Added-Value service whilst projects…

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KYC Bootcamp – when the best gets better…

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(and why we want everyone else to catch up) Being ‘the first’ is a great, inspiring, scary, lonely and a whole-load-of-other-emotions things. Check out what Chapo Says about it right here. As we set out Assure’s vision just over a year ago our ideas and aspirations were naturally formed from filling a void, addressing pain points,…

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Assure DeFi partners with Dx Sale


Assure DeFi becomes preferred partner and whitelisted KYC provider for Dx Sale   17th May 2022  Assure DeFi and Dx Sale announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership designed to support Dx Sale users through KYC Assured verification. The agreement demonstrates how Assure DeFi’s background as a leading provider of KYC (Know…

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Role verification – providing the balance for investors and project teams

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KYC verification is an absolute must for investors considering projects operating within the spectrum of DeFi. The figures attached to crypto trading are constantly growing. According to CoinGecko, the total crypto market grew over 600% from $397 billion as of November 2020, to $2.8 trillion by November 2021.  Controversy grows at the same rate with…

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Welcome Zac – Another big hitter joins the Assure DeFi team!

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New Assure DeFi hire: Zac Lamb  Shooting a huge Assure welcome over to Zac Lamb to announce that he has joined us as Sales Executive as our team continues to expand to meet demand. Zac’s wealth of experience and dedication to delivery is born from his lifelong mission of linking up good people with good…

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Scammers Stole $14 Billion in Crypto in 2021.


That’s right, stole. Call it rugged, or scammed or washed, whatever… they went into your wallet and took your money.If you’ve hung around this crazy world of crypto for a while, chances are it happened to you and you may not even know it. Projects go south – that’s not the same as fraud Investment…

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Assure DeFi Verification Update – Country Tier Rating

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Get KYC for Crypto Project Assure DeFi pioneered and continues to be the market leader for the crypto project verification process (generically called KYC). Founded with a mission to help reduce unneeded crypto market investor risk, Assure DeFi continues to help clients make their projects significantly more attractive to investors by capturing project leadership identities…

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Assure DeFi Has Changed

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365 days 12 months 20,000+ man hours 300+ projects verified However you look at it we all know a day in DeFi is a month in TradFi, and while the crypto landscape continues to move – and change – at monumental speed we’re proud to say that just one year after Assure DeFi completed our…

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Assure DeFi announce retention of global law firm Squire Patton Boggs

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Working partnership with full-service global law firm 16 April 2022  Assure DeFi announced today that it has engaged global law firm Squire Patton Boggs in support of Assure DeFi’s ongoing commitment to combating the threat of fraud in the crypto space.  Assure DeFi intends to utilize the full scope of Squire Patton Boggs’ specialized expertise…

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Hey Joe, been here long?

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President Joe Biden has signed an executive order on cryptocurrency; the first move by the White House to regulate digital currency. The order shapes what government agencies, including the Treasury Department, need to do to develop crypto policies and regulations. It also calls on U.S. agencies to make sure the country’s cryptocurrency laws match up…

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