Assure DeFi LLC (US) to exclusively partner with Hexens Cyber Security LTD (UK)

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Exclusive collaboration with cutting edge cyber security partner 2 April 2022  Assure DeFi and announced today that they have entered an exclusive partnership supporting the Assure DeFi in-house investigative processes that feed into the overall value proposition Assure DeFi offers crypto investors.   Hexens’ cyber experts will support Assure DeFi when suspected fraudulent activity…

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Improving Your Odds In the NFT Game

improving odds

Jumping into NFTs feet first? Well, there are certainly plenty testing the water with you. NFT projects are springing up in astonishing numbers. It generally only takes a few minutes to set up an account, learn quickly and be up and running with buying and selling those exclusive digital gems.  If you want to be…

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You Only KYC Once….Be ASSURED✨✅™️ It Is With The Best

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Your community’s trust is vital to your project’s success.   In fact, our market research showed that 95% of potential investors are more open to a project that has been KYC verified.   That’s a whole lot of potential investment to pass up if you don’t invest in the best possible process.  …. get it right The…

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Assure DeFi Partners With ZoneART

ZoneArt Assure

Exclusive KYC partnership defines industry best practice for NFT marketplaces 18 March 2022  Assure DeFi and ZoneART announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership designed to deliver peace of mind to ZoneART buyers and users through KYC Assured verification. The agreement fuses Assure DeFi’s pedigree as a leading provider of KYC (Know…

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Service Level Update ADIIR

Assure DeFi Officially a Registered LLC in the USA 3

Assure DeFi: Service Level update We’re putting Bad Actors on Further Notice.   Assure DeFi is committed to ensuring bad actors are held accountable and to providing a clear path to criminal investigation in the event of fraud. We’re proud to serve as a leader and guide the crypto KYC space, and, as a company that…

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All KYC Are Not Created Equal

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Two billion three hundred sixteen million six hundred thousand. In 2020, just under $162 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from DeFi platforms.  In 2021, that figure rose by another 1,330% to $2,316,600,000. As DeFi has grown exponentially so too has its issues with stolen funds and fraud.   No massive surprise there… wherever there is…

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3 Reasons Why Assure DeFi Being a US LLC Will Help YOU Out…

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Or, in other words… who’s KYC’ing the KYC’er KYC (Know Your Customer) processes are a must for any crypto project offering investment opportunities. In the context of crypto investment, KYC can be a more complicated compliance challenge than the TradFi process; and the first step of a due diligence process you can depend on is…

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Assure DeFi are a US LLC – and why you should give a damn


Assure DeFi are proud to announce we’re a fully registered US LLC. Why does this matter in our decentralized world? Well, first off, we’re damn proud of the part we have to play in this 2 trillion-dollar space, and like most people whose hearts belong here, we want to see it succeed further; to grow…

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How KYC Can Mitigate Risk in the Blockchain. A Response to BuzzFeed

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Culture

Buzzfeed recently published an article that outlined many of the risks associated with fraudulent activities in the Crypto space – and revealed two of BAYC’s founders.  Whilst their piece was surely informative… we’re here for finding ways to create a safer, more dependable environment for investors, without destroying the anonymity founders have the right to…

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