Assure DeFi are a US LLC – and why you should give a damn

Assure DeFi are proud to announce we’re a fully registered US LLC.

Why does this matter in our decentralized world? Well, first off, we’re damn proud of the part we have to play in this 2 trillion-dollar space, and like most people whose hearts belong here, we want to see it succeed further; to grow and serve more.

But decentralized does not mean decriminalized.

Anonymity is not the problem. The problem is that bad actors can abuse anonymity to do bad things and that makes investors taking their first crypto steps nervous. We need to remember that most people who are in crypto for the right reasons (because they believe in the power of this technology) also want to see it grow and be used for good.

Assure DeFi are here to build a bridge between the IRL investors out there and anon crypto founders who wish to stay that way for valid reasons. Legitimizing the blockchain is one step, but it’s a big one. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the credibility and assurance of our Gold Standard KYC, and part of that means being a registered US LLC with all appropriate procedures in place.

The DeFi world we’ve all built needs to grow outwards and that needs the empowerment that credibility and trust brings with it.

Chapo says “We’re committed to building a world where decentralized finance can thrive, and we know that legitimacy is key to achieving that goal. We can’t grow without regulations. So, do we want to design those regulations ourselves, knowing what works… and have governments come to our community for the answers? Or, do we wait until governments see themselves with no choice but to impose rules we disagree with? I’m genuinely interested in your opinions hit the link to discuss… anonymously ????