Assure DeFi Has Changed

365 days
12 months

20,000+ man hours

300+ projects verified

However you look at it we all know a day in DeFi is a month in TradFi, and while the crypto landscape continues to move – and change – at monumental speed we’re proud to say that just one year after Assure DeFi completed our very first KYC verification, we are releasing our biggest service upgrade yet.

Here comes V2.0

In a nutshell, Assure DeFi privately verifies crypto project owners so investors can be more confident in who is handling their investment and those in leadership positions are more accountable to their communities.  Adding credibility to the blockchain through the higher-level Verification Gold Standard for project owners in Crypto and NFTs.

5 reasons Assure DeFi V2.0 leads the way

Verification Gold Standard

Our verification process has been rigorously reviewed by our international legal partners to ensure it stands up in courts of law across the globe.  20,000+ man hours have led us to understanding what exactly constitutes the Gold Standard of KYC Verification in crypto;  put simply, our deeper verification is so good it’s trademarked. The latest service level upgrade features new elements, adding to an industry-leading proprietary verification process.  

Legal Accountability

The Verification Gold Standard process ensures accountability and a path to legal recourse in the event of any wrongdoing.  Thorough legal review of the nature by which leadership takes responsibility for various project elements means more and better information for investors. In turn, this creates greater security for them, AND greater trust in legitimate project teams, leading to safer, better funded projects for all.

Marketing Content

We are proud of the value we offer to project owners, who opt to get verified for the simple reason that investment flow tends to be subdued if they don’t.  However, offering more in benefits and added value gives this ‘checklist exercise’ a more meaningful edge.  So, where many KYC vendors offer a simple badge on a website with limited views, in contrast Assure DeFi creates an entire custom promotional content package for its clients.  This world-class custom package includes an NFT specific to the project, custom announcement video, dedicated webpage, custom-written article and more. As the pioneer of on-chain publicly-viewable compliance NFT’s – the new look & feel of our KYC NFT is something marketable to potential investors and an item to showcase.  The V2.0 upgraded  package now offers even more professionally-made custom collateral!

Project Visibility 

We view each project as a celebration of a step towards a crypto world that’s accessible to more people, every day.  With a blossoming community of over 11K+ organic followers and a strongly-watched Telegram channel on top, Assure creates the visibility and exposure every new project is desperately seeking.  We share news on new verifications to our own audience and shout about ongoing success, competitions, and launches from our ever-growing KYC ASSURED✨✅™️ family.

Back up & Support

No other KYC offering in the market has partners like Assure DeFi – from global legal partners, cyber-security experts and International Law Enforcement agencies, we have built and continue to foster, strength in trust for legitimate crypto projects.   The stronger the network, the stronger the accountability, the stronger the project.

Chapo Says: ‘We have always set out to make Assure not just the best it could be, but a world leader.  The one that everyone else in the industry models on.  The Assure team are outstanding and have allowed us to move beyond this being work, to become their passion.  We work tirelessly because we believe in how we’re transforming the space.  However, now we move on, and up, again.  Now that the industry looks to us for guidance on standards, we must keep raising the bar.’

Here’s to another 8,760 hours of progress.