Assure DeFi LLC (US) to exclusively partner with Hexens Cyber Security LTD (UK)

Exclusive collaboration with cutting edge cyber security partner

2 April 2022  Assure DeFi and announced today that they have entered an exclusive partnership supporting the Assure DeFi in-house investigative processes that feed into the overall value proposition Assure DeFi offers crypto investors.


Hexens’ cyber experts will support Assure DeFi when suspected fraudulent activity occurs with a verified project, with a host of collaborative investigative activities, blockchain forensics, funds tracing and code reviews.  As an example, reinforcing the Assure DeFi in-house investigative team with evaluations and analysis and providing input with respect to potential recommendations for next steps for adversely affected investors in event of a suspected fraud.


Hexens provides comprehensive cybersecurity services, implementing unique methodologies and techniques brought on by over a decade of experience in the field. Projecting in-depth knowledge and expertise into novel technologies like blockchain and high-end cryptography, Hexens brings an extensive ability to solve sophisticated security challenges in the blockchain space.


The partnership will focus on bolstering the depth, quality, effectiveness & timeliness of the Assure DeFi Investigative Intelligence Reports (ADIIR’s).  The ADIIR is a formal evidence package that is provided as an incident-response tool to benefit adversely affected investors & encourage law enforcement action. It can also be used for individuals who choose to pursue civil legal action and/or seek fund recovery. Learn more about this highly innovative fraud pursuit process here:


Chapo says, “I’m confident that this exclusive partnership will significantly strengthen our investigative capabilities and further differentiate Assure DeFi amongst competitors with respect to the benefit we  offer investors.  The whole team is excited to work alongside Hexens in order to further boost our market-leading response to bad situations.  Combined with our strong legal team already in-place, this partnership announcement should be a stern warning to fraudsters and scammers about how serious we are when it comes to ridding the space of bad actors and driving real-world consequences.”


As part of the Assure DeFi commitment to safety and data security, The Verification Gold Standard™️means anonymous developers/owners can be confident that they will remain publicly anonymous, while investors get blockchain-validated proof that the project owners have been ASSURED✨✅™️.  Assure DeFi has revolutionized the path to effective investigation, criminal prosecution, and fund recovery for those who choose to pursue legal action and/or seek fund recovery through 3rd party services, should fraud occur.


Hexens CEO Sipan Vardanyan said “We’re pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Assure DeFi and proud to be able to deliver confidence to investors through our support of their amazing approach to fraud pursuit. Our Incident Response team operates with spectacular skill at lightning speed – vital to support Assure’s immediate response to bad actors. ”


Hexens offers world-class cybersecurity services and solutions. 

Assure DeFi are recognized as The Verification Gold Standard™️ for project owners in the Crypto space:  Legitimizing the block chain. Together. Find out more about Hexens Cyber Security: