Assure DeFi partners with Dx Sale

Assure DeFi becomes preferred partner and whitelisted KYC provider for Dx Sale

17th May 2022  Assure DeFi and Dx Sale announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership designed to support Dx Sale users through KYC Assured verification.

The agreement demonstrates how Assure DeFi’s background as a leading provider of KYC (Know Your Customer) can be combined with Dx Sales’ ambitions to build a blockchain agnostic token management platform resulting in a lower barrier to entry into the cryptocurrency market for entrepreneurs. This will lead to our two companies uniting their visions of growing a more accessible and safer DeFi world. 

Dx Sale projects can now benefit from Assure DeFi’s KYC ASSURED✨✅™️ process which privately verifies their identity, resulting in a publicly viewable compliance certificate (NFT) that can be validated by potential investors on the blockchain. Adding value with an accountability path and credibility of project leadership (regardless of anonymity status).

Chapo says, “I’m so pleased to see Assure DeFi partner with Dx Sale. Their low-barrier approach to launching projects, combined with our innovative means of providing enhanced accountability creates a real win-win for credible project founders.

Assure DeFi’s Gold Standard KYC means anonymous developers/owners can be confident that they will remain anonymous, whilst investors get blockchain-validated proof that the project owners have been KYC’d. 

Hash, Co-Founder and Head of Dx Sale, said “It’s great to announce our partnership with Assure DeFi, our ways of working and values complement each other …. and these guys are miles ahead of everyone else.

Dx Sale is one of the biggest IDO launchpads in the crypto space. As a truly decentralized token management platform, the platform provides all the necessary tools to create and launch a project with no prior coding skills required. 

Assure DeFi are recognized as the Verification Gold Standard for project owners in the Crypto space:  Legitimizing the blockchain. Together