Assure DeFi Partners With ZoneART

Exclusive KYC partnership defines industry best practice for NFT marketplaces

18 March 2022  Assure DeFi and ZoneART announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership designed to deliver peace of mind to ZoneART buyers and users through KYC Assured verification.

The agreement fuses Assure DeFi’s pedigree as a leading provider of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for NFT projects, with ZoneArt’s commitment to its community’s security; continually striving to ensure both creators and collectors have the best experience when creating and trading NFTs.

All projects that wish to utilize the ZoneART launchpad will go through a KYC process with Assure Defi that privately verifies the identity of project owners. Resulting in a publicly viewable compliance certificate (NFT) which can be validated by potential investors on the blockchain, adding value with an accountability path and credibility of project leadership (regardless of anonymity status).

Chapo says, “I love what ZoneART are doing and deeply appreciate the importance they have placed on security by partnering exclusively with us.  The whole Assure team is proud to serve as the KYC Verification partner for this NFT marketplace.”

Assure DeFi’s Gold Standard KYC means anonymous developers/owners can be confident that they will remain anonymous, whilst investors get blockchain-validated proof that the project owners have been KYC’d.

Adnant, ZoneART CEO said “We’re so pleased to announce our partnership with Assure DeFi.  This automatically gives buyers confidence and delivers our NFT project teams another USP to market themselves, which in turn adds further value to our relationship with them.”

ZoneART is a launchpad and marketplace for NFTs built by the team of NAGMI on NEAR blockchain.  NEAR Protocol is designed from the bottom up to be the most user-friendly in the world for developers and their end users.

Assure DeFi is recognized as the Verification Gold Standard for project owners in the Crypto space:  Legitimizing the blockchain. Together.