Assure DeFi: Who We Are, What We Do and Why We Do It … CONTINUED

Assure DeFi:  WHO we are, WHAT we do and WHY we do it … CONTINUED

So back to fraud pursuit…Our unique ADIIR service has been developed to support investors so that as soon as a fraud is suspected they can trigger an Assure Defi Investigative Intelligence Report, complete with expert blockchain forensics, that actively assists the pursuit of appropriate legal action.

Assure DeFi supports communication with Digital Currency Exchanges to freeze funds obtained fraudulently and improve the odds of investor recourse and recovery.


So, Assure DeFi is great for investors, what are the benefits for project owners who pay for the service?

Our biggest value add for project teams is the Assure DeFi reputation as #1 provider of authentic and accountable KYC.  

$14 Billion dollars were stolen in crypto fraud in 2021 alone… the whole community is moving rapidly to a situation that means unverified (therefore: unsafe) projects simply won’t be able to get investment so it’s more important than ever to market as a dependable, responsible team.

The KYC ASSURED✨✅™️ verification process, literally highlights projects that are willing to commit to being accountable, and therefore legitimate.  This instantly increases appeal and value to investors, particularly as projects benefit from a range of marketing collateral produced by Assure (ranging from a minted verified badge to personalised social media content) that highlights this massive value add.    

The whole Assure DeFi process is also designed to ensure teams are guided every step of the way – making it no-stress, seamless and above all, safe.  Our respect for the anonymity of founders ensures that major data held on an individual’s identity is secure and remains unidentified as long as they act legitimately, and should they not, data is prepared for law enforcement officials to handle, meaning no unsubstantiated public doxing. Ever.

Whilst project success is never guaranteed, investors recognise the Assure DeFi KYC as the most dependable in the marketplace.   The Assure DeFi Gold Standard mark on your project acts as a tool to make potential investors feel reassured from the start.

The Assure Network 

Networking and building a community are essential to thriving as a project start-up – however experienced you are in the crypto space.  The Assure Network has been founded to help support our verified projects in connecting with the best-of-the-rest of the cryptoverse.  

In addition to inviting our existing clients to connect through the network, we have many valuable connections with some of the best DeFi/NFT platforms and services that are potentially useful to our verified projects.  

So, how does The Assure Network…work?  

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