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Assure DeFi is a blockchain security company which pioneered the leadership verification services market. Altcoin project founders and NFT creators rely on Assure’s data integrity and anonymity promise, key tenets of the crypto culture; while its market leading Gold Standard Verification empowers investors and collectors with an unmatched accountability chain and active recourse support. A US registered LLC, Assure DeFi serves to reduce fraud and provide credibility to legitimate innovators, with a broad vision of creating a more investable blockchain.

You can learn more about what we do at Assure by visiting our new website:

Assure specializes in and provides world-class verification to project leaders in the Crypto and NFT space with our aim of bringing more accountability and trust to an industry where up to now there has been ZERO.


Our Gold Standard Verification process allows anon AND public project teams to privately verify their identities providing accountability and transparency to their communities. 


We accomplish this through our offering of private & secure verification with a publicly viewable compliance certificate (NFT) which can be validated by investors on the blockchain.

If you are interested in getting your project verified or would like to learn more, come talk to a team member:

The concept was created in mid 2020 by its founder, El Chapo Crypto. After personally being defrauded for over $100K with no recourse or support available, and experiencing the high frequency of rugs, scams & fraud during the rise of decentralized trading on Uniswap, he set out to create a new process to reduce scams and hold bad actors accountable.  One of the biggest problems was the shield of anonymity that scammers used to dodge any accountability or legal pursuit.  By creating a system where founders can get privately verified & take legal accountability for their actions, it allows credible builders to differentiate themselves from the grifters while also preserving all the benefits of public anonymity.

The Assure DeFi team currently has ~20 team members located all over the world. The business is incorporated in the USA, but has team members located in South America, Europe, Asia & Australia.  On top of our core team, we also consider our partners, legal teams, affiliates & outside contractors part of Assure as they are a critical component to the success of the business.  We have extremely diverse backgrounds and skill sets, though all share a passion for reducing fraud & helping investors succeed in a market which is difficult to navigate.  Love for Web3 and the passion to make the space better are the only prerequisites to be considered as an Assure DeFi contributor!

To see and learn more about our team at Assure DeFi, check out our team page on our website:

A lot of people are asking if we are tokenizing our business. As of right now, there are no plans for that. We are focused on building and delivering the most secure and robust verification service possible, which will bring maximum value to our clients and their investors.

As the market leaders and innovators of the project KYC market, we have worked with and verified over 350 projects. Our proprietary, thorough, and world-class verification process is trusted industry-wide. Investors look for the Assure DeFi verification, because no one supports investors better, in the unlikely event that fraud occurs.  Beyond a professional verification, Assure DeFi also provides broad based project promotion and exposure. We also provide access to the Assure DeFi network, a community of partners and builders, that can accelerate success for any project.  

Assure DeFi has strong data protection procedures in place because we take the safety of our clients' sensitive identity data seriously. For this reason we store client data on Swiss banking grade, end-end encrypted servers shared by the banking industry.


Be aware that many other KYC offerings on the market are being performed by non-compliant, no-registered providers without proper processes in place to fully verify identity and protect sensitive identity data. Other providers also offer little or no support to investors if fraud occurs.


No. When a project gets Assure DeFi Verified it is not a guarantee nor does it imply the 100% legitimacy of a project. Keep in mind that a professional KYC verification is a very strong deterrent, but it is not a prevention method. 

Assure provides a clear path to accountability through the professionally validated real-world identities behind a project, which are securely stored and available for the appropriate law enforcement authorities.  This is coupled with an unparalleled support team to help pursue legal action against those committing fraud, and offers a path to investment recovery. 

If you believe a project which has been KYC’d by Assure has committed a financial crime please complete this form:

If a project verified by Assure DeFi is suspected of committing fraud, we crowdsource project information and evidence from the affected community and investors. Once a sufficient amount of data has been gathered, the Assure DeFi team determines if the evidence warrants an investigation.

Once an investigation is opened, we fund and utilize our in-house and partner’s blockchain forensics and legal expertise, to develop an Assure DeFi Investigative Intelligence Report (ADIIR). The ADIIR is then provided to affected investors and community members which they can use to make formal complaints to the appropriate authorities. The ADIIR serves as an evidence package which provides the authorities a head start if they decide to open a case. Assure DeFi also identifies and provides the correct global authorities with which to file a complaint.  

If applicable we will also forward the report to our contacts in the FBI and ICS (What is the other agency we speak with, can’t remember??)

If you believe a project which has been KYC’d by Assure has committed a financial crime please complete this form:

Assure DeFi is the pioneer of the project verification industry and continues to lead the market and innovate. After 18 months of constantly building on and improving upon what we do, we now believe we provide the most robust and deepest verification process in the world today.

We specialize in one thing and one thing only and that's providing world-class verification to project leaders in the crypto and NFT space. When verifying with other low quality providers you simply receive a KYC tick and get sent on your way. We pride ourselves on providing more than just a KYC.

Our offering is designed to make you more successful. We work with you not only to provide your community the assurance it needs that you have gone through a robust verification process, but also work with you to boost your market credibility and visibility.  We help market and provide industry-leading custom made content for your project, so you get the maximum positive impact from your verification and approval. Finally, we provide access to the Assure DeFi network, a community of partners and builders, that can accelerate success for any project.  


Get more information on our verification process by reaching out to a team member here:

Assure DeFi is a legally registered LLC in the state of Ohio (United States). This means that there is officially a real-world confirmed identity behind the company which is kept on-file with the Secretary of State. 

Also, all vital members of the Assure DeFi team have gone through a robust 3rd party verification, providing confidence that your sensitive information is being handled by a legally accountable team.

For security reasons, members of the Assure DeFi team will continue to remain publicly anonymous due to the sensitive nature of what we do and for the safety of ourselves and our clients. We believe it is very important that KYC verification processors and personnel with access to sensitive identity information remain anonymous as this further protects our clients and their identities from bad actors in the space.


Assure DeFi is not limited to any particular chain or platform. We provide verification services for project leaders on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Moonriver, Avalanche, Solana & any other chain - there is no limitation.

We have provided KYC verification services for projects focused in DeFi, NFT’s, Metaverse, GameFi & even traditional registered businesses.

Assure also accepts payment via multiple-chains including ETH, BSC, AVAX, FANTOM, POLYGON and MOONRIVER.


Our client list is confidential. However, when we complete a KYC verification for a project, we share it through our official channels.  The KYC compliance NFT will be available to view on our website here: and on our opensea page:


After thousands of man hours refining and perfecting our verification process over the past 18 months, we now believe that we offer the most robust and deepest project verification service in the world today. 


We have implemented a process which is fast, easy & convenient for our clients, while maintaining completeness and data integrity. Most importantly, our process for identity verification is robust with some of the following measures to ensure we accurately identify true identities.


  • Document Scanning and Biometric Analysis
  • Network and Device Analytics
  • Liveness Checks (To Prevent Deep Fake Attempts)
  • PEP and Sanction List Checks


Further, every team project member verifying is required to speak with an Assure DeFi  team member via a video call. This call, along with our other proprietary processes including Front-man/Paid-actor protection, further adds to the depth of our verification as the Verification Gold Standard. 

Approved verified projects receive an NFT of compliance which can be viewed on the Assure DeFi website and Opensea. and   A copy of the compliance NFT is also sent to project owners.


Our standard processing time for Verification is 24 to 48 hrs from the time payment is received and all required forms are completed. This includes the identity verification approval & the time required to generate all custom content for the project that is included in the final delivery package.

This is a completely separate product/service offering with a unique target market, so at this point, we are only offering project verifications. Keep an eye out for future developments, we’re always building!


Assure DeFi continues to innovate and lead the project verification market with over 350 verifications to date. We are known as the most trusted project KYC verification provider in the crypto space.

Compared to other low quality offerings on the market today, we pride ourselves on providing more than just a “KYC” to our clients.

Our offering is designed to make you more successful. We work with you not only to provide your community the assurance it needs that you have gone through a robust verification process, but also work with you to boost your market credibility and visibility.  We help market and provide industry-leading custom made content for your project, so you get the maximum positive impact from your verification and approval. Finally, we provide access to the Assure DeFi network, a community of partners and builders, that can accelerate success for any project.

Stronger deterrents to scams and rugpulls and project fraud accountability is something which has been lacking in the crypto and NFT space. We created Assure DeFi to bring much needed accountability to a space which up to now has had near ZERO. 

With scams and fraud currently as rife as ever in the crypto and NFT space, we believe world-class verification for project leaders should become an industry standard. 

Project leader verification provides the following benefits:

  • Provides transparency and added trust for investors/communities of projects.
  • Boosts project leaders credibility and legitimacy
  • Provides a real fraud deterrent
  • Provides a positive marketing event for projects and their communities
  • Verification with Assure provides a real fraud-pursuit process in the event a project owner commits fraud after completing KYC.

Assure DeFi prides itself on having the strongest data protection policies in the space. We take the safety of our clients' personal data seriously, and it continues to be a cornerstone of our business.

When verifying with us,  your identity data is stored safely and securely using Tresorit. Tresorit is a Swiss Banking grade, end-end encrypted storage service utilized also by the banking industry. Once your data has been backed up onto those encrypted servers, the only time it would ever be removed is if we receive a formal request from proper law enforcement authorities. 

Your identity details will never be shared publicly. A request from proper law enforcement authorities is fully reviewed by our legal team for legitimacy, and only upon approval from our legal team,  would any KYC verification information be released.

At Assure we have put in place a formal data handling & storage policy which is fully compliant to CCPA, GDPR, WCAG & AICPA SOC accessibility standards.

Finally, Assure DeFi is the only legally registered KYC verification provider in the United States.  For this reason and the fact that all vital team members are 3rd party verified,  you can be confident your data is being handled with care by a legally accountable team.


When a project has been KYC approved through Assure, a custom NFT will be minted with project name & logo. This is to facilitate confirmation by any investor or community member if a project and which project leaders have completed verification. 

The official NFT remains in the Assure wallet address & will be publicly viewable to confirm projects have been approved.  You can view the NFT’s for all the projects which have been KYC-approved by Assure on OpenSea here:

This allows investors to validate on the blockchain if a project has gone through formal KYC verification and if the project was approved.

A list of our approved projects & example of our NFTs can also be found here:


Assure DeFi requires a minimum of one team member to complete verification in order to be approved.  When a project completes the process, as part of the Assure DeFi Terms & Conditions, they accept ownership and responsibility for the project for which they are verifying on behalf of. 

If only one team member verifies, we do require that team member to be a project leader with access/control of at least one of the following; Contracts, Project/Treasury funds and/or Liquidity.

We encourage the full leadership team to KYC verify (Project Lead, Treasurer/CFO, and Lead Developer/Coder) as this announces the highest level of project credibility, however this is not required by Assure. Assure DeFi does identify on our website, and note on the verification NFT which team members have verified.  

Want to find out more about our verification process? You can here:


  1. NO. When a project gets Assure DeFi KYC verified it is not a guarantee or does not imply the 100% legitimacy of a project. Keep in mind that although a KYC verification is a very strong deterrent, it is not a scam prevention method. 


Safety for Investors in the DeFi space is not simple to provide.  At Assure DeFi , we believe there are 6 primary things that contribute toward a safer investment environment:


  1. Public leadership team,  OR if anonymous leadership team, key team members professionally KYC verified
  2. Audited code / safe code
  3. Locked liquidity and Multi-Signature Treasury
  4. Team tokens locked/vesting schedule
  5. Cybersecurity attack vectors have been addressed
  6. Centralized & complete information exists so investors can make informed decisions


None of the above makes a project safe on its own.  However, when a project addresses all 6 of these items, investor risk is SUBSTANTIALLY reduced.  This is the aim - we can do better, together.


The Assure DeFi Network is our accelerator fueling growth for our verified clients.  Clients are granted access to a network of validated suppliers and resources, where we connect you with whatever you need to maximize your success; including partners, suppliers, platforms and even team members/staff. It’s a place where you can collaborate with other founders, find users/clients for your offering & network with a private club of credible builders to support you along your journey.

Assure DeFi Network includes members of the Web3.0 Community, from Project Founders to Developers, Designers, Marketers, Artists, etc. They all share the same passion for supporting the Web3.0 Ecosystem through a collaborative effort.

All the Members of Assure DeFi Network get access to the AN Discord Server with other Builders in the space. Developing and nurturing strong connections with leaders and partners in the space is the biggest benefit you can expect to receive.  We also help with any of your specific project needs via our concierge service, referring qualified suppliers from all fields to match your needs. You are also encouraged to share the Services you would like to offer to other AN members and we will refer potential clients to you.

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