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Zombie Network

Zombie Network


The Zombie Network Service is a DeFi 3.0 project of new concept based on Klaytn which provides a fixed interest rate of 1% per day. Its official token name is BLD (BLOOD token). The participants of the Zombie Network receive 1% of interest per day and can earn up to 365% of their investment.

The participants can frequently withdraw their daily interest profit, but they can get a high compound interest rate profit by redepositing the amount. They can also quickly increase their accumulated profit by utilizing the recommender reward system. A 5% to 10% tax is imposed to all transactions such as purchase, deposit, re-deposit, withdrawal, sale, and transfer of BLOOD tokens, and all these taxes are accumulated in the tax pool. Interest and reward paid to participants are given from the money accumulated in this tax pool.






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* Assure DeFi Country Tier Rankings will be as follows:

Tier 1: Strong law enforcement with resources and capabilities to effectively legislate & pursue crypto-related cybercrime
Tier 2: Moderately effective law enforcement, lacking some resources & capabilities to effectively pursue crypto-related cybercrime
Tier 3: Law enforcement & legislative resources severely lacking. In most cases would prove ineffective at pursuing crypto-related cybercrime

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