Scammers Stole $14 Billion in Crypto in 2021.

That’s right, stole. Call it rugged, or scammed or washed, whatever… they went into your wallet and took your money.If you’ve hung around this crazy world of crypto for a while, chances are it happened to you and you may not even know it.

Projects go south – that’s not the same as fraud

Investment carries risk.  Of course.  Unless you’re tapping into Elon’s tweets before they’re published, any investment carries an element of ‘what if it doesn’t work out’.  Yet, people passively accepting a scam as a risk of investment is one of the biggest barriers to growth DeFi faces.

Thieves make it their full-time job to make up elaborate back stories that can suck in even the most savvy spender.  But all the audits, multi-signatures, and social media handles possible, can’t help once they’ve cashed out and disappeared.

And, while shouting about it and demanding online doxxing is one way to make it hurt a little less, it really accomplishes nothing.  How about a solution that provides a path for real legal accountability and a potential for fund recovery?  A solution that helps those injured get real support, should the worst happen and theft occurs.

So where do you look for help in shifting the good from the bad? And, how do you help reduce Blockchain Fraud?

How about starting with the only KYC verification provider worldwide,  who actively assists in the pursuit of bad actors and recovery of funds?

Right now, we’re the only KYC provider to offer the Gold Standard mark to become ASSURED✨✅™️.

Here’s just a couple of the unique benefits Assure DeFi offers project teams and investors following the release of our enhanced V2 service:

World leading verification 

The depth of our ID verification is one of the biggest factors in gathering useable, useful data – and proving a path to recourse.  We are the world leader in the depth of information we gather. Check out what Chapo says on getting educated on verification here: 


Project Roles Confirmed  Assure DeFi ensure that we establish the roles of those verified AND have them attest to their responsibility within the team, ensuring they are on video record identifying themselves as a responsible party.  The ASSURED✨✅™️ mark indicates that at least one member of the project team has gone through robust identity verification and their identity remains securely stored on file with Assure DeFi. For a more in-depth dive into our verification process click here: Our verification process 


Accountability, Pursuit and Recourse

Assure DeFi’s globally unique ADIIR service means as soon as a fraud is suspected an investigative intelligence report, complete with expert blockchain forensics, actively assists the project community in pursuit of appropriate legal action through our international law enforcement partners, and alongside the support of our legal partners across the world.

Assure DeFi support communications with Digital Currency Exchanges to freeze funds obtained fraudulently and improve the odds of investor recourse and recovery.

No other KYC provider does as much as Assure DeFi to help investors recover funds or prosecute bad actors. Get in touch if you want (or need!) to find out more!