Service Level Update ADIIR

Assure DeFi: Service Level update
We’re putting Bad Actors on Further Notice.  

Assure DeFi is committed to ensuring bad actors are held accountable and to providing a clear path to criminal investigation in the event of fraud.

We’re proud to serve as a leader and guide the crypto KYC space, and, as a company that often means treading in places others have not.

For the last months we’ve been working with our legal counsel on a plan to upscale our scope to make sure that our service offer gives the best assurance possible to: 

  1. Our clients – project owners who go the extra mile to get KYC Verified with Assure DeFi.
  2. Their investors – who, like everyone, seek to mitigate unnecessary upfront risk and need assistance if they suspect things are going wrong. 

We’ve been working hard to learn how to best support those who have been made victims, and also how we can most effectively discourage bad actors in this space.

The Assure DeFi Investigative Intelligence Report

By launching the ADIIR (Assure DeFi Investigative Intelligence Report) we’re committing to listen to the community and develop an evidence package where there is justifiable need for criminal investigation.

The ADIIR is a formal evidence package funded and produced by the in-house Assure DeFi team with the support of our specialized partners in the investigative space; that can be used to take to law enforcement agencies by any injured parties.  It can also be used for individuals who choose to pursue legal action and/or seek fund recovery through 3rd party services.

Assure has created a path to effective investigation, criminal prosecution, and fund recovery.  

As part of our commitment to safety and data security, we will never publish personal information online, or publicly dox any accused party, but we will provide all data and details possible in order for injured parties to go to law enforcement agencies with a complete and complex blockchain trail of evidence that will enable a lawful investigation.

We strongly encourage any affected investors to read the ADIIR thoroughly and most importantly – TAKE FURTHER ACTION based on the recommendations listed in their report. The more injured parties that report a crime, the more likely the authorities are to investigate.

Chapo says “I’m proud to see Assure DeFi pushing forward again with the goal to do more to serve and protect our community, and we will continue to do so.  Evidence is the number 1 way to get a conviction in a fraud or rug pull case, and the ADIIR will go a long way to aid arrest and recovery.  

Bad actors take note – Assure DeFi is not the KYC for you!.”