Verified Contacts From The Assure Network

The Verification Gold Standard further benefits project owners through the NEW Assure Network


Assure DeFi have again strengthened their offering by launching The Assure Network for the benefit of clients and partners in providing further support to projects over and above the Gold Standard verification process.


Offered as an Added-Value service whilst projects are reviewed, The Assure Network invite is provided to Assure verified team members  in order to assist in linking up with a network packed- full of Assure Verified project founders in the DeFi and NFT space.  

Plus – whether projects are desperately seeking a UI dev, a Telegram mod, or a Frontend Engineer the Assure Network will help find them and deliver an intro to start the conversation.


“The network is for our clients and partners to get further support beyond verification.”


Assure DeFi continues on our mission to create a more investable Blockchain by empowering investors with world-class verification.  However, we’re aware that (particularly in this market) legitimate projects need support to find the right partners and providers to help them reach their goals.  


In addition to inviting our existing clients to connect through the network, we have many valuable connections with some of the best DeFi/NFT platforms and services that are potentially useful to our verified projects.  


Chapo says “ I’m totally behind setting up this network of genuine DeFi players.  Assure DeFi is the right place to come for legitimate actors in this space and we can extend that value through a trusted partner and supplier network that is of benefit to many.  I’m proud Assure are offering this as a value-add to the community and looking forward to seeing the success of many great minds connecting!”


So, how does The Assure Network…work?


Once projects have submitted their projects for verification they will receive (alongside all their Assure DeFi verification package) an invite to The Assure Network Discord community, once joined up they will be asked to complete a short survey to help users identify where they might need support or detail specific projects they have in mind. From UX to PR, The Assure Network team will use the feedback to ensure successful connections are made.

This is a new service extended to all Assure DeFi verified projects – if your team and project is already verified then benefit from The Assure Network immediately by clicking right here.