You Only KYC Once….Be ASSURED✨✅™️ It Is With The Best

Your community’s trust is vital to your project’s success.  

In fact, our market research showed that 95% of potential investors are more open to a project that has been KYC verified.  

That’s a whole lot of potential investment to pass up if you don’t invest in the best possible process. 

…. get it right

The market is expanding everyday – and with that comes competition…duh, right?    

Producing a truly scalable, successful project literally hinges on your ability to market in a favourable way to competitors, highlighting the value of every aspect of your strengths and benefits.  

Knowledge is power



Just to be clear (again!), we firmly support the right to anonymity. On the flip side there is a growing element of perceived risk for investors in anon projects – because cases of scams and rugs are growing; up until now there has been little to no recourse, no basis for legal action and almost no chance of recovery of lost funds.  (Read the news on our Service Level Update ADIIR

Investors recognize Assure DeFi as the most dependable in the marketplace. So immediately the Gold Standard mark on your project acts as a marketing tool as potential investors feel reassured by the (best ????) KYC procedure in place. Investors don’t want a generic KYC, they see value in projects getting ASSURED✨✅™️.



We are the only KYC registered as a US LLC which alongside our Gold Standard mark, gives both sides confidence in us.  Put simply – KYC by Assure DeFi offers a solution which allows project teams to remain publicly anonymous, while still providing investors with an added layer of assurance which is typically only afforded to projects with public teams.

PLUS through our ADIIR service, Assure DeFi are offering projects a new level of certainty to offer to their investors.   Of course, all investments carry risk – but the risk of criminal loss with no recourse whatsoever is reduced as we provide a clearer path to criminal pursuit of a project owner that commits a financial crime or fraud. This is a super marketable USP for legitimate projects with genuine intentions.

Chapo says ‘Using the Gold Standard Mark to add credibility to your project is a no brainer – particularly when the guys hand you the tools and even write the social media posts for you. It’s a tremendous amount of value in a single package for credible project owners.’


Get the Verification Gold Standard with Assure DeFi

Are you a project team working on ensuring your project is the best it can be before hitting the market?  Contact us and we can discuss how getting KYC ASSURED✨✅™️ can work to you and your investors’ advantage.