The Crucial Role of Project KYC in Enhancing Trust and Security in Blockchain Ventures

Brief Overview of the Blockchain Industry’s Growth In 2023’s third quarter, the blockchain industry, particularly the Crypto and Blockchain Venture Capital sector, exhibited a complex growth pattern. Crypto venture capital investment reached its lowest activity since Q4 of 2020, both in deal volume and capital inflow. Web3 companies led in deal quantity, while Trading entities…

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What is Global Market Token?


GLOBAL MARKET TOKEN Have you ever wished to buy & sell shares on-chain? Global Market team is working hard to make this happen! What is Global Market Token? Global Market Token INC “GMEK” aims the global market condition to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, create and develop something…

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Investors Burned Again by Pinksale KYC Process

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Investors Burned again by Pinksale Finance Only Invest in Professionally KYC Verified Projects Only Launch with Your Project Team Professionally KYC Verified PinkSale recently announced that one of its KYC’d Clients, JIYU Network, had “purposely deceived their investors and stole funds from the liquidity”. This case highlights clear deficiencies in the PinkSale KYC process, as…

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Assure DeFi Partners with GemPad


18th Nov 2022 Assure DeFi and GemPad announced today that we have entered into a strategic partnership designed to support GemPad projects through Assure DeFi KYC verification, promotion, and advisory services.    As part of GemPad’s commitment to Blockchain security, they have chosen Assure DeFi as an exclusive provider of KYC verification services. The partnership…

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What is doxxing in crypto?

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As we all know it’s a common tradition in the Web3.0 Space to use Avatars and Pseudo names to keep your identity hidden and it’s just a part of the decentralization aspect of the Crypto/NFT World. It is commonplace to see highly influential people in the space use Profile pictures of their NFTs or anything…

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How To Develop a Web3 Project Roadmap?

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Web3 Project Roadmap – Essentials You are planning to launch your Web3 Project and you have no idea how to make a Project Roadmap, we have got you covered. This article will cover the essentials each Roadmap should have and will also aim to discuss the importance of setting up the right direction for your…

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How to evaluate NFT projects before investing?

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NFT projects have been in the news from 2021 You must have heard about a bunch of rags to riches stories of teenagers investing in NFT Projects at Mint for almost nothing and selling for millions, after some months. First let’s separate the facts from myths. Has it ever happened that a person minted an…

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Assure DeFi Partners With Syscoin

Assure DeFi has officially partnered with Syscoin 04th Oct 2022 Assure DeFi and Syscoin announced today that we have entered into a strategic partnership designed to support Syscoin projects through KYC Assured verification.   The partnership demonstrates how Assure DeFi’s background as a leading provider of KYC (Know Your Customer) can be combined with Syscoins’…

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