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Assure is the Verification Gold Standard for project owners in crypto and the pioneers of KYC compliance NFTs in DeFi.

KYC by Assure was built from the ground up with the DeFi space in mind, with the aim to better protect investors & offer project owners the ability to provide themselves with a stamp of legitimacy.

By working with Assure for project verification, project owners can gain more confidence with their investors while still protecting their identity (and anonymity if applicable).

We believe this offering will make a meaningful impact on the space we care so deeply about and will provide an enhanced layer of safety that is currently unavailable on the market today.

Assure offers a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) solution for projects in the DeFi space, the first of its kind. KYC by Assure allows anonymous project teams to remain publicly anonymous, while still providing investors with an added layer of safety and protection which is typically only afforded to projects with public teams.

We accomplish this through our offering of private & secure KYC with a publicly viewable compliance certificate (NFT) which can be validated by investors on the blockchain.

Anonymous developers/owners can be confident that they will remain anonymous.

Investors get blockchain-validated proof that the project owners have been KYC’d.

Other KYC offerings in the market are being performed by non-compliant organizations with no proper process in place to ensure the integrity of sensitive identity data.

With Assure, owners can be confident that their data is safe/secure & that anonymity will be protected because the entire process is handled via a service provider with experience in traditional finance KYC.

On top of that, we ourselves have put in place a Robust KYC Process.

The proprietary process we have crafted is designed specifically for the approval of crypto projects and is the strongest and most secure offering on the market.

Once approved projects receive an NFT of compliance which can be viewed on the Assure website and Opensea. A copy of the NFT is also sent to project owners.

Assure DeFi was founded by Brad Keyes and El Crypto Chapo in March 2021. Since then, Brad Keyes has moved on to other ventures leaving the founder El Crypto Chapo as the sole CEO and owner of the business.

Assure DeFi has a strong global team of contributors & contractors supporting all our wide-ranging business functions such as sales, fulfilment, customer service, branding, content development, marketing, social media management, graphic design, web development, compliance, business analytics, legal and public relations.

Assure is a legally registered LLC in the state of Ohio (United States), meaning there is a real-world confirmed identity behind our company officially on-file in the records department of the Secretary of State.

Assure is a legally registered LLC in the state of Ohio (United States). This means that there is officially a real-world confirmed identity behind the company which is kept on-file with the Secretary of State.

For security reasons, members of the Assure team will continue to remain publicly anonymous due to the sensitive nature of what we do and for the safety of ourselves and our clients. We believe it to be very important that KYC handlers and people with access to sensitive identity information to not be public and believe this further protects our clients and their identities.

Assure is not limited to any particular chain or platform. We provide KYC services for projects on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Moonriver, Avalanche, Solana & any other chain – there is no limitation.

We have provided KYC services for projects focused in DeFi, NFT’s, Metaverse, GameFi & even traditional registered businesses.

Assure also accepts payment via multiple-chains including ETH, BSC, AVAX, FANTOM, POLYGON and MOONRIVER.

Yes, the parties who are completing identity verification must be at least 18 years of age – the minimum to provide legal consent.

The identity information is stored indefinitely. It will not be deleted upon request & will remain on file and stored securely as per our terms/conditions.

To read our full data handling & storage policy: Click Here

The process we have crafted is designed specifically for approval of crypto projects.

This identity verification process includes document provision (passport, drivers license or government-issued ID card), live video, liveliness checks, document validation checks, watch list screening, etc.

Once approved projects receive an NFT of compliance which can be viewed on the Assure website and Opensea. A copy of the NFT is also sent to project owners.

For a more in depth dive on our verification process click here: Our verification process

Our standard processing time for KYC approvals is 24 hrs (48 hrs max) from the time payment is received and all required forms are completed.  This includes the identity verification approval & the time required to generate all custom content for the project that is included in the final delivery package.

We do offer expedited processing for an added fee & can typically process expedited requests within 8 hours.

It’s something that we have in mind and think could be a great addition to our service, but the infrastructure is more complex than project KYC’ing so it’ll take more time to build. This is a completely separate product/service offering with a unique target market, so at this point we are only offering project KYC’s. Keep an eye out for future developments, we’re always building!

Our Gold Standard Verification Service enables anon and public project owners/developers to privately verify their identities. In doing so, increasing and improving investor confidence and trust which is essential for a project to be successful. Assure goes above and beyond in supplying value to projects by providing not only brand recognition but also a robust delivery package which includes various pre-made social content. Your project will also gain positive exposure & increased visibility via our KYC approval announcements via Assure’s social channels and has been shown to be a positive news and marketing event for your project. For more on why getting KYC approved could be beneficial for your project click here

Yes, we believe it can really make a difference. Anon developers are prevalent in the space and for legitimate reasons. We firmly support the right to anonymity. On the other hand there is an added element of risk with anon projects because in case of a scam or rug there is little to no recourse, no basis for legal action & almost no chance of recovery of lost funds.

KYC by Assure offers a solution which allows anonymous project teams to remain publicly anonymous, while still providing investors with an added layer of safety and protection which is typically only afforded to projects with public teams.

This also provides investors with a clearer path to a criminal conviction of a project that commits a financial crime. That’s REAL value that doesn’t exist with truly anonymous projects.

At Assure we have put in place a formal data handling & storage policy which is fully compliant to CCPA, GDPR, WCAG & AICPA SOC accessibility standards. When verifying your identity with Assure you can rest assured that your sensitive personal data is safe and secure and backed-up on decentralised and encrypted servers. Your identity details will never be shared publicly. Identity information will only be released on request of the authorities with the correct jurisdiction.

To read our full data handling & storage policy: Click Here

The identity data for all of our verified projects remains on file indefinitely – this is clearly outlined in our terms & conditions.  We never expose/release identity data of our clients publicly, so in the event that the identities would end up being used for prosecution – yours would be associated with the project and the fact that you took responsibility for it on a given date would be on file.  It would then be your responsibility to show proof of when your control/ownership/involvement ceased…and hopefully that would be before anything malicious occurred. 

We suggest if you are leaving a project, you make sure to document it in writing as cleanly as possible for your own future protection in case of an issue.

To read our full data handling & storage policy: Click Here

When a project has been KYC approved via Assure, a custom NFT will be minted. The official NFT remains in the Assure wallet address & will be publicly viewable to confirm projects have been approved.  You can view the NFT’s for all the projects which have been KYC-approved by Assure on OpenSea here. This will allow investors to validate on the blockchain if a project has gone through formal KYC & if they’ve been approved. A list of our approved projects & example of our NFTs can also be found here:

Assure only requires a minimum of one team member to complete identity verification in order to be approved.  When a project completes the process, as part of the Assure Terms & Conditions, they accept ownership and responsibility for the project for which they are KYC’ing.  Multiple team members may KYC for a single project and we encourage that, however this is not required by Assure.

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